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A fascinating journey through Scandinavia, to the northernmost Holiday and Petting Zoo.

Initially, a few general hints:

  • It is advisable to buy a road map of Scandinavia. We have personally found all the important and clearly marked road links in the euro-land card Sweden, Denmark, Norway (ISBN 3-575-11222-3).
  • It is also advisable to travel north through Sweden, and the return trip south through Norway, if you want to get a complete overview of Scandinavia with an increasing form of attraction.

Although Norway doesn't start at Narvik, we can safely assume that Narvik is an easy target for any traveler through Skandinavia. We present the travelplan for Astrid's Oase starting on the Swedish/Norwegian border, just north of Narvik, and on the E10 leading to the Norwegian coast line, and would actually take you to the Lofoten if you continue driving on the E10.
But you could easily be coming from the north, the main direction you want to head for is Sjøvegan, on the signs coming from north and south, on the E6.

Just behind Abisko (S) you reach the Norwegian border. You will pass Bjørnfjell before you get to see the first Norwegian Fjord. In the valley, turn right towards Harstad. After 20 km you reach Bjerkvik. Here follow the main road, the E6 to Kirkeness  (turning right on the roundabout just behind the gas station). After crossing curves you will reach a plateau. From here you have a nice view on the Astafjord the left side. In theory, you are almost there, because on this is the fjord is where "Astrid's Oasis" also is situated.
After a ca. 28 km drive you arrive in Fossbakken, take a left turn towards Tennevoll and Sjøvegan. The road leads through a large valley full of waterfalls. At the end of the road, a T-junction with an old gas station on your left side and a fjord up front, you turn right towards Sjøvegan. Following the road, you drive over a small ridge, while the left can see the sea. Another pass through the mountains, and keeping on the same road, will get you to Sjøvegan. At the T-junction almost in the center, turn left towards Rolla and Andørja (Highway No. 848). Follow the 848 for another 20 km, you will see and pass a large bridge to the Andørja island, where you follow the only road and after a 11% slope finally, turn into the tunnel, 114 meters under the sea with 3498 meters long, that connects both islands, Andørja and Rolla.
Getting out of the tunnel on the island of Rolla, after about 100m turn right to the center of Hamnvik with the direct path to "Gammel banken", a beautiful restored old building. From there, follow the main road through the center, past Ibestadhallen and church. Behind the church you follow the main road. After 5 km turn right at a sign that says "Astrid's Oase/Husdyrpark", your destination.

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